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Spectacular Fishing Tournament

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2023/2024 Schedule

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Specktacular Series

2023/2024 Rules and Regulations

"Speck"tacular Series & Texas Redfish Rumble

1 or 2 Man Teams

Live weigh in - ½ lb. penalty per dead fish

Registration will be online at specktourney.com or at the captains meeting the Thursday before the event. All Texas Parks & Wildlife’s regulations apply.


Must be in good standing with Specktacular tournament series, Texas Redfish Rumble Series, and GRS series
Anyone under the age of 18 must fish with a legal guardian
Each team will consist of 1-2 anglers. Each team will be allowed to designate one (1) alternate angler and only one (1) alternate angler for the entire series. The one (1) alternate angler will be the only substitute angler allowed to fish for the team if a member is not able to fish. Submit the name of your sub no later than the second tournament.

TROUT main stringer is 3 Trout with only 1 Trout over 25” per team, any team bringing in 2 fish over 25 inches will be disqualified.

TROUT being weighed in must be from 15 inches to 25 inches with only one fish over 25 inches. You may have your legal Texas limit in possession which dictates that each angler may retain one fish over 25”. See Boundaries section for more details. If two fish are over 25” landed by the same angler, one must be released immediately. Ice may not be used to shrink fish.

REDFISH main stringer is 2 Redfish per team, any team bringing in a fish over 27-1/2 inches will be disqualified.

REDFISH being weighed in must be from 20 to 27-1/2 inches long. You may have your legal Texas limit in possession. Ice may not be used to shrink oversize fish.
If 2 anglers are fishing in the same boat, they must form 1 team. 2 anglers per boat max. If a person is not in the tournament, they may not be in the boat during tournament times. The only exceptions are if your boat is designated to be a camera boat, or for a special event.

Measuring Fish

SPECKTACULAR SERIES - The silver Check it Stik flat board is the official measuring device for the Specktacular. There will be a ¾” slant only to assist in keeping the nose touching.
SPECKTACULAR SERIES - Fish will be measured by placing the nose/bottom jaw of the fish against the “zero” end of the stick and sweeping the tail to the middle of the Check it Stik to determine the longest point of the fish.
TEXAS REDFISH RUMBLE - The silver Check it Stik slant board with the kickstand is the official measuring device for the Texas Redfish Rumble.
TEXAS REDFISH RUMBLE - Fish will be measured by placing the nose/bottom jaw of the fish against the “zero” end of the stick and utilizing the Perfect Pincher to the 26-1/2 inch mark to determine the longest point of the fish.
All fish must be measured and agreed upon prior to reaching the weigh-in line.
No fish may be altered in anyway. Any fish that appear to have cut, altered, or appear to have deformed tails are subject to review by the tournament directors. If there is question on a fish, the angler may be disqualified or polygraphed. Failure of a polygraph in this matter can result in being banned from any future tournaments.

Fishing Methods

All fish must be caught by rod and reel with artificial lures. All fish must be caught during the day of the event during allotted times. Adults can cast for kids, but the child angler must reel in their own fish. No sharing or pooling of fish. No natural (live) baits, dead or prepared baits are allowed on the boat or in possession during the event. Scented and spray on scents are legal for lure only events. Anglers may only use one rod at a time, no trolling or multiple rods. A cast must be fully retrieved before another is made.


The boat operator may not consume alcohol until he/she reaches the weigh in parking lot. If you feel you are in contention for the win, please do not consume alcohol until after the polygraph.

Polygraph and Protests

All winners will be subject to a polygraph test onsite or offsite, on a later date at the request of the tournament directors before collecting their prize.
Protests made by contestants must be made no later than 30 minutes after the last fish are weighed. Written protest must be accompanied by a $250 deposit, which will be refunded if the rules committee upholds the protest.
Any angler not following any of these rules can be disqualified from this or any future events.
The weigh master and staff have the right to retain any fish for further inspection.

Weather Cancellations

If the weather looks inclement, it is the angler’s responsibility to check Facebook or call 713-248-0207 to see if the event is on. If you do not see or hear a message, the event has not been cancelled. If it is cancelled, messages will be posted by 12am.

Times / Scheduling

Weigh in sites and take off times will be announced on Specktacular Series at: https://www.specktacularseries.com/rules and on Facebook under Specktacular Series, https://www.facebook.com/specktourney .
There is no morning check in.
You may fish up until weigh in, however you must be in line with your fish before the official end time of the tournament, or you will be disqualified.
In the event of a tie, the first team to weigh-in shall be the winner.


No radios or cell phones (including Text Messages) may be used to contact or be contacted by anyone with any fishing related questions or information until the angler arrives at the boat ramp. If someone sends you a text message asking how you did, do not reply!! This will include Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, etc... It is in your best interest not to post, comment, email, Tweet on anything of that nature until you have arrived at the weigh-in parking lot.
If an emergency occurs, please contact the proper authorities and contact the tournament director.

Tournament Boundaries

Boundaries shall be the Colorado River from the south Matagorda Jetty Northward to the LA/TX border which is all of Sabine Lake. If you can fish with a Texas fishing license and not require a LA fishing license, then you can fish that area. All bayous/rivers/ponds in between these areas are permitted. Beach and Jetty fishing are permitted up to ½ mile off each structure for either event. Any person fishing out of the boundaries will be disqualified. Behind weirs/dams or private ponds or lakes are off-limits. Along with any locations that you know are off limits but may have access or have fallen/ signs.

Launch/Wade Areas

You must launch your boat/kayak at any public boat ramp or at a private slip if you are the owner within tournament boundaries prior to take off time. You cannot take off until the official time listed on the main page. Boats leaving from a private slip and are not the owner of the private slip, must leave 30 minutes after the designated take off time. You must stay 50 yards from the ramp/ private slip before designated take off time. You must stay 50 yards from the ramp or private slip that you launched from. Walk in Waders may not enter the water until the designated start time.

Fishing Distances

Contestants fishing as a team must fish no farther than 300 yards apart if wading from a boat or 300 yards if fishing from a kayak. Waders must stay within 300 yards of their boat.
Waders or boaters must remain 75 yards away from another wader or boat in competition unless passing through a navigable channel. If closer, they must be okayed by the other angler, if one angler is waved in all anglers may enter the area. Use courtesy rule with non-competitors. Anglers must not exceed 5mph when within 50 yards of another boat, unless passing through a navigable channel.
Hole Sitting is not allowed.

Captain’s Meetings/Optional Divisions

On-site registration will be between 7-8pm the Thursday before the tournament. Location will be listed at specktacularseries.com and will be on Facebook. Questions may be answered at this time.
A captain must be designated upon registration.
There are no mandatory captains’ meetings.

Payouts / Entry Fees

For Specktacular and all Texas Redfish Rumble Events -
Membership Fee onetime payment $20 per person
Entry Fee is $150 per person ($300 Total for 2 Man Team)
50/50 Entry Fee is $75 per person ($150 Total for 2 Man Team). Reduced entry fee with a chance at 50% of the payouts if you place!
Optional side pot for Specktacular trout series is $50 per team for big trout and small stringer. Small stringer must be live fish.
Optional side pot for Texas Redfish Rumble series is $50 per team for Big redfish and small stringer. Small stringer must be live fish.
Main Division Payout is 80% of entry fees to 20% of the field

Late Registration

$40 per person late fee, no exceptions - will be assessed for any entries between 11:59pm Thursday and 5pm Friday before event (PayPal only)

https://www.specktacularseries.com/registers/new using PayPal with a credit card only.

Register for Specktacular Register for Rumble

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