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Specktacular Series
20th Anniversary

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About the Specktacular Series

The History

Fishing for Big Trout is a passion that really can’t be described. It’s a feeling of accomplishment that many strive to achieve. It takes hard work, dedication, knowledge and the right mindset to pursue these beautiful creatures. With consecutive fronts blowing through and nail biting temperatures occurring, it becomes apparent that this time of year is not for the lite of heart. This time of year is a defined as “Trophy Trout Time”.

The Speck’tacular Trout Series is the longest running trout tournament on the Gulf Coast. Our objective has always been to have a competitive honest series that is affordable for most everyone.

Payouts / Entry Fees

• Membership Fee onetime payment $35 Per. Person

• Entry Fee is $150 Per. Person ($300 Total for 2 Man Team)

• Big Trout - $40 Per. Team – 100% Payback (one person or two, it is still $40)

• Team Side Pot - $100 Per. Team

• Main Division Payout is 80% of entry fees to 20% of the field

See the Schedule A.O.Y. Breakdown Read the Rules

Speck’tacular Series Weigh-In

Pricing Breakdowns (2 Man Team):

Team Entry Only:

Team Entry Fee: $300.00

Membership Fee: $70.00

Total: $370.00

Team Entry + Big Trout:

Team Entry Fee: $300.00

Big Trout Pot: $40.00

Membership Fee: $70.00

Total: $410.00

Fish All Categories:

Team Entry Fee: $300.00

Big Trout Pot: $40.00

Team Side Pot: $100.00

Membership Fee: $70.00

Total: $510.00

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