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Specktacular Series
20th Anniversary

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Angler of the Year

Team of the year point system

The top angler will be rewarded for collecting the most points during the event season. You are not required to fish all events to win an Angler of the Year seeding but this would be beneficial in collecting the most points. An angler can fish alone then choose partners at a later date. A designated Captain will be chosen at an angler’s first event. In the event a team breaks up, the captain shall retain the points. You can fish with any other partners. In the event 2 anglers from opposing teams fish together, the angler with the most points previous to the event shall assume points.

The total points will be added together for your best 3 tournament weigh-ins. The angler or team with the most points for any 3 tournaments fished for the series will win Angler of the Year.

You may drop or miss 1 of the first 3 events but must keep/use your events championship finish toward AOY. AOY winners will receive free entry for next year's Speck’tacular Series, along with $1000 cash, plus their name on the Perpetual Trophy.

Point system will work like this:

1st-200 points
2nd- 199 points
3rd-198 points
4th-197 points
5th-196 points

And it will keep going. Any team that registers for the tournament but does not weigh in fish will receive 5 points less that the team with the least points during the designated tournament.

If the team with the least amount of point equals to 160 points, the team or teams not weighing in fish will receive 155 points.

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